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Official dealers

Europe (including Turkey, excluding Russia, Belarus and Ukraine)

EnginSoft SpA.

via della Stazione 27 - Fraz. Mattarello
38123 Trento (TN)

Phone: +39 (0461)915391
Fax: +39 (0461)979201
e-mail: info@enginsoft.it


China, Hongkong and Taiwan

Beijing AECsoft Engeneering Software Co., Ltd.

Room 1501, 2 Block, No. 11 Yicheng Building
Changchunqiao, Road Haidian District
Beijing China. 100089

Phone: +86 10 58815851 808
Fax: +86 10 58815859
e-mail: ty@aecsoft.com.cn



AXIL Consulting Engineers

No.4, 3RD Floor,
NGEF Layout,
Sanjay Nagar Main Road,
Bengaluru-560094, India.
Phone: 080 4375 0288; +9066188611

Distributed software:
Hydrosystem; Nozzle-FEM

111141, Plechanova 7, Moscow, Russia Phone +7 (495) 225-94-35, 741-5941; Fax +7 (495) 368-5065
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