Engineering analysis

performing calculation of increased complexity

Engineering Analysis

A team of professionals with 30-year experience will perform complex engineering analysis for you, including:

  • Piping systems
  • Pressure Vessels, Tanks
  • Steel and Concrete Structures

We perform all types of calculations

Strength analysis of piping systems
Strength and stability analysis of vessels and apparatus
Analysis of any building structures
Research and elimination of vibrations
Allowance for seismic loads
Process simulation
Combined thermal, hydraulic and strength analysis of transfer pipeline
Hydraulic analysis of complex piping systems
Sizing and design of thermal insulation
Analysis of pressure relief systems
Development of passports, regulations, etc. on the equipment and pipelines

Our advantages

Skilled specialists
Analysis is performed by skilled specialists, authors of regulations and calculation programs.
Powerful toolkit
We use the best domestic and foreign programs.
Comprehensive approach
Modeling and analysis is performed taking into account all aspects. We are able to work at the junction of various disciplines.

Examples of work

Vessel calculation model
Moving the fastening of spring support PR-2
Reinforcing of flat head with ribs as per the calculation results
Reinforcing of shell with a skid plate as per the calculation results
Distribution of equivalent stresses from the action of calculation pressure on the stud
Finite element model of filter battery
Lowest oscillation mode of filter block-box
Filter calculation model
Lower forms and seismic stability factors
Transfer pipeline

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