of process units and offsite facilities

Design activity of AO IPN

АО IPN Company conducts its activities in the oil refining, gas, chemical, petrochemical industry and fuel and energy complex of other industries, performing design of both process units and off-plot facilities (tank batteries, pumping stations, tank loading and receiving racks, process racks and cable tray systems, control rooms, WSS and fire fighting systems, transformer substations (TS), distribution stations (DS), etc.).

The scope of services rendered by IPN Company includes a full range of design works — from development of declarations of intent and front-end engineering design (FEED) to the fulfillment of design (project) documentation and working documentation and its expert review by the regulatory authorities, as well as implementation of author's supervision of building and construction.

AO IPN also performs the following FEED works:

  • Justification of investments (JoI)
  • Main design solutions (MDS)
  • Master plans
  • Technical audit
  • Development of measures to improve energy efficiency of process plants

AO IPN has gained a wide experience in design of different purpose loading and discharge racks (LDR), including those for discharge of high-viscosity products (mazout) in winter time, as well as in LDR renovation and realignment with productivity gain.

IPN specializes in designing of high-temperature pipelines, performing of complex strength calculations , developing of measures for eliminating vibrations , designing of transfer pipelines , design for seismic areas.

АО AO IPN resolves issues concerning instrumentation of processes, develops technical projects of column, bulk-capacity and other vessels.

AO IPN also has all appropriate experience in the development of design and working documentation for construction of pilot and pilot production units (installation of gasoline production from synthesis gas, “Carbolux” installation, diesel fuel production plant with application of new technologies, etc.).

AO IPN is also a member of SRO Neftegazokhimproekt