1Several practical topics of pipe analysis (link to the video)A.V. Matveev10–2020
2Several ASME B31 and EN 13480 Issues Needed to Know by Any Pipe Stress Engineer (link to the video)A.V. Matveev10–2020
3Importance of Bourdon Effect. True and Effective Axial Force (link to the video)A.V. Matveev10–2020
4Centrifugal pump dynamic simulation experience for waterhammer calculation (report presentation)L.B. Korelshteyn12–2020
5Centrifugal pump dynamic simulation experience for waterhammer calculationL.B. Korelshteyn
V.V. Tarasevich
E.F. Yudovina
6Modernization of Todini Global Gradient Algorithm for hydraulic analysis of networks with choked flowL.B. Korelshteyn12–2020
7A method of analysis of complex hydraulic networksL. Duginov
M. Rozovskiy
L.B. Korelshteyn
8Easily Find Wetted Surface Area of Side Heads. Simple formulas fill void in calculations for three common types.L.B. Korelshteyn04–2020
9Hydraulic networks with pressure-dependent closure relations, under restrictions on the value of nodal pressures. Maxwell matrix properties and monotonicity of flow distribution problem solutionL.B. Korelshteyn05–2019
10Existence, uniqueness and monotonic behavior of the solution of classical flow distribution problem for hydraulic networks with pressure-dependent closure relationsL.B. Korelshteyn05–2019
11What is Restrained and Unrestrained Pipes and what is the Strength CriteriaA.V. Matveev10–2018
12Several ASME B31 & EN 13480 Issues Needed to Know for Pipe Stress Engineer. Part 1A.V. Matveev10–2018
13ProSim Company Overview. The Premium alternative in Process SimulationJoelle Torta (ProSim S.A.)2013 English
14Relieve system design problems and DIERS activity. Experience of Simulis Thermodynamics usage for development of standardsL.B. Korelshtein2011 English
15Review of ProSim activity and software solutionsProSim2011 English
16ProSimPlus: Steady-state process simulation and optimizationStephane Dechelotte (ProSim)2011 English
17Simulis® Thermodynamics Mixture properties and fluid phase equilibria calculation serverStephane Dechelotte (ProSim)2011 English
18Pressure Relief Systems Analysis and DesignE.F. Iudovina2011 English