The updated versions of programs START, START-LITE, START-PROF 4.72 R3 has been released

The updated versions of programs START, START-LITE, START-PROF 4.72 R3 is now available. In the updated versions the following changes has been made:

  • The new module “PDMS-B” is added which provides data exchange with AVEVA PDMS:
  • Quality of the pipeline 3D graphic printing is improved;
  • The analysis title is added to the print result;
  • Possibility of font size adjustment on the screen and print results is added;
  • Inaccuracy at calculation of loads in local axes of restraints is corrected;
  • The problem with appearing empty floating windows is corrected;
  • Program slowdown on some computers is fixed;
  • Check is added: if the spring hanger load variation in analysis results exceeds a preset value the corresponding note is displayed;
  • Check is added: the material name should not exceed 16 symbols;
  • Check is added: the warning comes out if the free ends of pipeline are left;
  • Check the wall thickness before analysis in START is performed with about 3 % tolerance if it is specified in code;
  • Graphics is accelerated at switching between windows;
  • Loading of graphic model is accelerated;
  • Analysis performance is accelerated;
  • The cursor n the current node is added. In necessary cases it blinks;
  • The output of axes of coordinates is added at the printing and at bmp export;
  • The degree of freedom number output after analysis is added;
  • The problem with scaling of node elements in a graphic window is corrected;
  • Working capacity of function "select all" is restored;
  • Other inaccuracies are corrected.

At updating from version 4.71 and more low it is required to update a dongle according to user's guide section 4.7. At updating from version 4.72 R1 and R2 it is not required to update dongles.

Please download and install the last release from page Downloads. Passwords for downloading are the same, as for version 4.72 R2. For passwords please send a request to

To the users getting START at our dealers, it is necessary to contact them for updating reception.