NTP Truboprovod licensed GERG-2008 thermodynamic library and will include it into «Hydrosystem», «Safety valve» and «Insulation» software

Press release

25 March 2013, Moscow, Russia

Piping Systems Research & Engineering Co (NTP Truboprovod) and Institut fuer Energie-, System-, Material- und Umwelttechnik, Bereich Thermodynamik (Institut EMU) at Ruhr-University Bochum (Germany), have reached an agreement, according which NTP Truboprovod has purchased an advanced version of corporate multi-user license of GERG-2008 thermodynamic software, developed by Dr.-Ing. O. Kunz and Prof. Dr.-Ing. W. Wagner at the Ruhr-University Bochum, for usage inside NTP Truboprovod, and has got the right to distribute correspondent libraries as integral parts of its «Hydrosystem», «Safety valve» and «Insulation» commercial software.

The GERG-2008 software implements thermodynamic properties and phase equilibrium calculations according GERG-2008 equation of state. The equation, proposed by Dr.-Ing. O. Kunz and Prof. Dr.-Ing. W. Wagner, provides the most accurate (up to now) thermodynamic properties estimation of natural gases and other mixtures consisting of natural gas components. It can be used for mixtures of 21 natural gas components (12 alkanes, hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen, carbon monoxide and dioxide, hydrogen sulfide, water, helium and argon), very wide range of pressures (up to 70 MPa) and temperatures (from 60 to 700 K) and covers the gas phase, liquid phase, supercritical region, and vapor?liquid equilibrium (VLE) states. The equation and the software are used now in more than 80 leading companies, universities, and governmental research institutes of Germany, France, Norway, USA and other countries. The GERG-2008 equation is now draft of an ISO Standard (ISO 20765-2/3) for natural gases (gas phase, liquid phase, VLE) and is expected to be adopted till the end of the year. For more details on GERG-2008.

The advanced version of GERG-2008 software, which is to be included into NTP Truboprovod software, is specially optimized for usage in process and flow simulation software.

The agreement makes NTP Truboprovod the first Russian software developer to offer all advantages of GERG-2008 to users in natural gas production, transportation and processing industry.