Hydrosystem version 3.87 released

Hydrosystem version 3.87 contains several significant improvements:

  1. Two-phase flow calculation using “Unified model” by TUFFP (Tulsa University Fluid Flow Project) has been significantly improved:
    1. automatic selection of closure relations for “Unified model” has been implemented – it’s based on newest data of TUFFP experimental database which allows to improve the convergence of calculation results to the experimental data;
    2. new option of closure relations manual selection for “Unified model” has been implemented (for more precise adjustment of two-phase flow calculation methods);
    3. latest version of TUFFP ”Unified model” has been plugged to Hydrosystem (including newest experimental database).
  2. Integration with Hydrate Open Structure of PVTSim thermodynamic package (by Calsep) has been developed – it allows to call PVTSim for hydrates calculation in pipeline straight from Hydrosystem.
  3. Hydrosystem interface with “START” software has been improved:
    1. the checking of pipeline structure at ctp-files import has been added – it allowed to prevent the import of incorrect pipelines containing the connections of 4 or more pipes in one single node;
    2. the bug of incorrect displaying of the pipelines with zero-length pipes (imported from START) has been fixed.
  4. The range of the viscosities at which automatic pump head curve correction is turned on (for liquids with high viscosities) has been revised.
  5. Slight improvements in calculation diagnostics for pipelines with control valves has been made:
    1. incorrect message at negative pressure drop on control valve has been excluded;
    2. nodes inflow/outflow displaying in calculation results window has been fixed.
  6. Gas pipelines heat calculation algorithm has been significantly optimized for extended pipelines with very high pressure drop values.
  7. The algorithm of calculation for pipelines with “dangling” circuits (connected with the rest of the pipeline with only one branch) has been improved.
  8. Flow pattern map drawing for two-phase flow has been improved.
  9. Some minor bugs have been fixed.