PASS/HYDROSYSTEM version 4.2 is released!

    PASS/HYDROSYSTEM version 4.2 includes the following improvements:
  • A new module of calculating “slurry” flow (mixtures of liquid and solid phases) has been added;

  • Сalculation of the unbalanced forces arising in a pipeline during waterhammer with their export to various pipeline stress analysis software, such as START-Prof and CEASAR II, has been added;

  • Reducer input has been simplified – now the user only needs to specify their type (smooth or sudden) and the type of transition is automatically determined by the program;
  • Added the goal-seek analysis tuning – now user can specify the maximum number of iterations and the allowable error of calculation;
  • Charts output to Excel (the results of waterhammer calculation, pipeline profile etc.) has been improved – now the charts are displayed regardless of which separator of the integer and fractional parts is specified in Excel settings and Windows regional settings;
  • Fixed a bug leading to incorrect ground temperature for underground pipelines displayed in the input data report;
  • Fixed a bug in U-shaped expansion loops graphical presentation;
  • The calculation of the waterhammer wave velocity has been improved;
  • Fixed a bug due to which the waterhammer view-points could change their position when inserting a node;
  • Improved the data import from PCF files;
  • Some other minor bugs and typos have been fixed.