ProSim and NTP Truboprovod enter agreement to distribute ProSimPlus and Simulis Thermodynamics in Russia

Press release

Toulouse, France / Moscow, Russia, August 20, 2010.

ProSim, the leading European process simulation software house, develops its presence in Russia through a commercial representation partnership with NTP Truboprovod, the Russian developer of CAE software for piping and equipment in refining, petrochemical, and energy industries.

NTP Truboprovod is one of Russia's leading developers of CAD/CAE software and databases for hydraulic and heat loss calculation and strength analysis of piping systems, vessels and apparatuses. ProSim provides simulation and optimization software that allow process industries to improve process design, increase plant efficiency and reduce their impact on environment. ProSim solutions are used in chemical, refining, gas treatment and specialties chemical industries as well as in pharmaceutical, food processing and energy industries.

The collaboration started when NTP Truboprovod selected ProSim thermodynamic server, Simulis Thermodynamics after thorough testing and comparison with competing products and decided to integrate it in their software."We were looking for a powerful, complete module, designed and maintained by experts, that would allow us to enrich our software and expand our target market outside the refining and petrochemical fields", explains Mr. Leonid Korelstein, NTP Truboprovod Deputy Director on Science.
"Several thermodynamic calculation packages were considered but Simulis Thermodynamics was what we were looking for in terms of content, architecture and pricing", he adds. Simulis Thermodynamics component-oriented architecture allows an easy integration in any COM/DCOM technology compliant application. Calls to the routines can be automated through the simple adjustment of the API in languages such as Visual Basic C++, FORTRAN, etc… The result is a seamless access to Simulis Thermodynamics component properties database and numerous calculation functions from the initial application, in this case NTP Truboprovod software, Hydrosystem (piping hydraulic analysis) and Safety Valve (pressure relief design). It is to be noted that during the integration project, the translation of Simulis Thermodynamics in Russian is to be conducted.

In view of the positive first steps in the collaboration between the two companies and of the potential of the Russian market, a distribution agreement was signed. This agreement allows NTP Truboprovod to promote and distribute ProSimPlus and Simulis Thermodynamics in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan. ProSimPlus is a simulation and modeling software for design, optimization, revamping of processes in oil, gas, petrochemical, chemical and pharmaceutical industries. Simulis Thermodynamics can be purchased alone to be used in general calculation environments such as MS Excel or Matlab. Flexible and affordable, ProSim’s solutions are reliable alternatives to the common packages available and are likely to encounter significant success in the region.
“The network of relations of NTP Truboprovod will help us develop our reputation and strengthen our position throughout the Russian industrial market”, explains Mr. Stephane Dechelotte, ProSim’s managing director.
From NTP Truboprovod perspective, this partnership has also significant value.
“It will allow us to expand our range of products and services while relying on a recognized actor in the field of CAPE“, explains Mr. Korelstein.
"Also, the Russian market is looking forward to receiving a new, refreshing simulation software proposition that competes with the traditional offering", he adds.

ProSimPlus and Simulis Thermodynamics are available immediately from NTP Truboprovod. New version of NTP Truboprovod's Hydrosystem, in which Simulis Thermodynamics will be integrated, is expected to be released in late fall 2010, along with a new version of Safety Valve. Integration of Simulis Thermodynamics in Safety Valve will follow.

For more information, please visit ProSim's web site and NTP Truboprovod web site.

About NTP Truboprovod

"Piping Systems Research & Engineering Co TRUBOPROVOD" (NTP Truboprovod) was founded in 1992 in Moscow, Russia. The company performs the range of activities aimed at setting up and developing process facilities:

  •  automation of project design and expert review of industrial safety of process facilities and technical devices;
  • non-destructive examination of vessels, apparatuses, tanks and pipelines in oil, gas, petroleum refining, petrochemical and chemical industries, pressure vessels, boilers, steam and hot water pipelines, gas supply facilities;
  • design and engineering of process facilities with the use of CAD systems, petroleum refining, petrochemical and chemical industries and other facilities operating explosion-fire hazardous, toxic and aggressive media;
  • developing and providing CAD/CAE software and databases for pressure drop, heat loss and stress analysis of piping systems, vessels and apparatuses.

NTP Truboprovod software for piping stress and hydraulic analysis, insulation design became an informal standard in Russia and former USSR countries. The software was continuously improved for over 30 years according to the wishes of the process and mechanical engineers. Integrated user friendly 3D interface, detailed context help and manuals, interactive training movies make working with NTP Truboprovod products easy and pleasant for both beginners and professionals.
NTP Truboprovod software is used by more than 800 companies in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Lithuania, Czech Republic, Serbia, Finland, Germany and United Kingdom. The software is widely used by major plants and design companies in chemical, oil & gas, power, metallurgy and other industries.
For more information, please consult NTP Truboprovod web site: http://www.truboprovod.ru

About ProSim

ProSim is an independent company, founded in 1989, with its headquarters in Lab?ge (Toulouse – France). The company provides state of the art simulation and optimization software that allows process industries to increase their efficiency and their return on investment. ProSim solutions are designed for applications in the chemical, the refining, the gas treatment and the specialties chemical industries as well as in the pharmaceutical, the food processing and the energy industries. Its activities also comprise engineering process consulting and custom software development.

ProSim solutions are used to improve process design, increase plant efficiency and reduce their impact on environment. Thanks to long term partnerships with major research centers and to substantial investment in R&D, ProSim continuously develops innovative software and has become a recognized player on the international market.
The success of the company comes from the efficiency and the robustness of the solutions and of the calculation packages it proposes, but also from the quality of the services it provides. The expertise and the know-how of ProSim personnel covers vast domains, including thermodynamics, physico-chemical phenomenon modelling, process simulation, energy integration, optimization techniques, numerical methods, software architecture, and GUI development.

ProSim is active in 63 countries around the world, with over 720 customers among which major actors like Axens, Air Liquide, Akzo Nobel, Alfa Laval, Arkema, Braskem, Ciba, Cognis, EDF, Linde, Pharmacia, Praxair, Schering, Sintef, Sanofi-Synthelabo, Technip, Total Petrochemicals, Uhde or Wacker.
For more information, please visit: http://www.prosim.net.