START 4.79 version is now available.

This version has many new features including:

  • Added translation of the user interface, documentation and help system to Chinese language;
  • Added translation of the help system to English language;
  • Added ability to switch between Russian, English and Chinese user interface and contextsensitive help system languages;
  • Added static seismic analysis for above ground piping (START-Seismic plug-in). Supported codes is RD 10-249-98, GOST 32388-2013, GOST R 55596-2013, SNIP 2.05.06-85, SP 36.13330.2012, CJJ/T 81-2013 according to seismic code SNiP II-7-81*, SP 14.13330.2011, NP-031-01, GB50011-2001 (additional option START-Seismic);
  • GOST 32388-2013, GOST R 55596-2013, CJJ/T 81-2013: improved the calculation of stresses in the branch tees in test mode;
  • 3D view: The nonstandard restraints are now displayed more realistic with real link directions;
  • GOST 32388-2013: In the START-Elements added ability to define two values of mill tolerance for reducers and the minimum allowable wall thickness for both diameters is taken into account;
  • GOST 32388-2013: corrected calculation of support loads from the low-temperature pipes in "mixed" lines containing high and low temperature pipes simultaneously;
  • START-Elements: improved the calculation of pipe loops. Added the pressure thrust effect and cold condition with friction forces acting in opposite direction analysis;
  • CJJ/T 81-2013: improved the calculation of pipe loops in the START-Elements. Added the stress and fatigue check for the bends;
  • RD 10-249-98: Now instead of fatigue fracture factor equal to design stress range divided by allowable stress amplitude, the separate values of design and allowable stress amplitude are printed in stress table;
  • Piping model: Added automatic markers placement. Now there's no need to add markers manually;
  • Piping model: In flange leakage analysis the longitudinal forces are now displayed without pressure thrust forces effect;
  • Piping model: Added ability to calculate loads on flanged connections for high-temperature pipelines;
  • Soil springs arrangement model: Added soil spring concentration for the nodes with different soil properties on the both sides (Insulation casing diameter, soil type, insulation type, cushion presence, adhesion factor, pipe weight, submerged option, settlement option)
  • Expansion joint and fiberglass material database are now open for modification;
  • Added a new expansion joint deformation table that allows easily to compare the design and allowable deformations;
  • Added additional property for forged and welding tee - tee height;
  • Added ability to change the pipe length in pipe properties;
  • Added check box "use the gaps" for the double-sided and single-sided guides;
  • Fixed some minor bugs.

The START users with valid warranty may download the new version from downloads page. Also, you may need to update the dongle in accordance with section 4.7 of manual.