START Prof version 4.80 R1 release.

START 4.80 version is available now. This version has many new features including:

  • START doesn't support Windows XP any more. Supported operating systems: Vista/7/8/10
  • Added new option START-Plastic piping. It is possible to perform stress analysis for plastic piping polyethylene (PE), polypropylene (PP), polybutene (PB), Polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF), polyvinylchloride (PVC) e.t.c. according to GOST 32388-2013;
  • Added ability to analyze district heating network pipelines with pre-heating method according to GOST R 55596-2013 and CJJ/T 81-2013;
  • Added ability to specify names for the nodal elements: restraints, bends, tees, expansion joints, reducers and so on;
  • Added function for mirroring the selected piping segment relative to arbitrary plane;
  • Added application guide in START help system;
  • Added new pdf user's manual;
  • Newly developed and replaced the export to dxf (Autocad format) module;
  • START-Seismic: Added new, more accurate seismic stress summing algorithm. The seismic stresses are reduced now;
  • START-Seismic: Allowable stresses for RD 10-249-98 code is got for 10 000 hours;
  • START-Seismic: Seismic displacements now cut and can't be higher than specified gaps. The warning message generated when beating in restraint with gaps detected;
  • ISO 14692-3:2002: Code updated to ISO 14692-3:2002/Cor 1:2005;
  • CJJ/T 81-2013: Allowable stresses in cold and test state now is 1.5Sc and 1.5Sc instead of 3Sc. The operation allowable is 3Sh;
  • CJJ/T 81-2013: Updated material database per DL/T 5366-2014 instead of old DL/T 5366-2006;
  • GOST 32388-2013, GOST R 55596-2013, CJJ/T 81-2013: Code updated, allowable stresses in test state for bends, tees and reducers now is 1.5(Sc+Sh);
  • Added China power springs table to springs database and added corresponding selection algorithm;
  • Added Chinese constant force hanger table NB/T 47038-2013 to constant force hanger database and corresponding selection algorithm;
  • Code GB 10182-88 replaced by NBT 47039-2013 in springs database;
  • Piping model: Improved the nonlinear model iteration algorithm for one-way supports. Added solution integrity check;
  • Piping model: Improved soil spring placement algorithm for long radius bends;
  • START-Elements: Added centrifugal pump load check per API 610 (ISO 13709), GOST 32601-2013 and Kellogg (L.C. Peng);
  • Now arch length of long radius bends is showed in 3D graphics when “show length” function is enabled;
  • For Rotate and Mirror functions added ability to rotate pipe element distributed loads, node concentrated forces, restraints in the nonstandard restraint, restraints in the nonstandard expansion joint, nodal deformations, restraint displacements;
  • Fixed problem with appearing of empty standalone nodes after deleting the piping segments;
  • Added function that highlight the support loads that is higher than specified allowable values;
  • Added ability to place tees and valve between anchor and slip joint.

The START users with valid warranty may download the new version from downloads page. Also, you may need to update the dongle in accordance with section 4.7 of manual.