Industrial safety

Development of operational and technical documentation

We offer high quality services in the development of operational, design and technical documentation.

Documents are developed in accordance with the requirements of regulatory documents, with consideration for additional requirements set forth by contract terms, technical assignments and standards for paperwork accepted at the Customer's enterprise.

Wide experience in document preparation, trained staff of professionals and using of automation equipment when filling out and issuing documents of the same type (passports, forms, etc.) makes it possible to perform any scope of work in a reasonable time period, maintaining the highest quality and competitive cost.

Main types of developed documents:

  • Substantiation of safety of technical devices (SoS)
  • Substantiation of safety of hazardous industrial facilities (SoS HIF)
  • Technical specifications (TS)
  • Operating manuals (OM)
  • Passports for vessels and apparatuses (PV)
  • Passports for piping and assembly units (PPAU))
  • Project Specific Technical Specification (PSTS)

At the Customer's request, any other types of documents can be developed.