Industrial safety

Expert review

NTP Truboprovod provides various services for the analysis and control of project, working and engineering design documentation. Within the framework of the activity, a compliance with industrial safety requirements is monitored (disregarded when implementing procedures for confirmation of conformity (CoC) with TR CU requirements, which is especially important for operating organizations), a qualified assessment of the necessity, sufficiency and correctness of CoC based on legislative requirements (preparing list of technical regulations, compiance to which should be confirmed, selecting certification schemes based on the field of application of technical devices, etc.).

Evaluation of conformity to the industrial safety requirements is carried out by qualified personnel with a long experience in the field of industrial safety; evaluation results are issued in the form of a report on the form used while carrying out the industrial safety expert review.

When carrying out work set forth by the Federal Law dated 21.07.1997 No. 116-F3 “On Industrial Safety of Hazardous Industrial Facilities”, specialized organizations and certified experts are involved, selection and quality control of which is carried out by specialists of our organization, based on the conditions of the tasks being solved, which ensures a consistently high quality of work.